“I Know, I know, you’re thinking jet pack or auto lace trainers. But there is some very real stuff coming soon!”

The development and miniaturisation of technology that makes up our mobile phones and other gadgets is what has enabled technology to move into realms of more traditional fashion such as watches, jewellery and clothing.

Smart watches such as the Pebble, Fitbit and Apple watches led to most major tech hardware companies creating their own watches bringing a host of sensors, health monitoring systems and notifications to the user’s wrist, completely changing how we use and interact with the humble watch. More traditional watch makers have also started incorporating this technology – albeit more subtly – with watches now available from Breitling, Mondaine and others.

With the success of watches it was only a matter of time before technology started to make its way into jewellery, again the premise being to allow greater health monitoring and connectivity. New companies such as Vinaya are creating stylish and smart bracelets, pendants and rings (in both the aesthetic and technological sense) to achieve this.

Even our clothing is about to become smarter, with fabrics incorporating sensors to monitor vitals such as our heart rate, weight loss (or gain) and even the amount we sweat. With all this information, a connected app could tell anything, from what mood we are in to whether or not we decided to skip the gym that day.

It’s not just integrated technology that is revolutionising fashion, but supporting technology and advances in manufacturing are also making their mark in this area. With major shoe companies such as Nike and Adidas pushing 3D printing as a way of creating more durable and better fitting running shoes, this sort of customisation is set to become normal in the coming years.

Also expect to see virtual reality make an appearance with VR headsets in clothing stores and the ability to use VR online to try on clothes virtually and get greater customisation. So we can all look forward to better fitting, smarter and more connected clothes, accessories and shoes in the very near future. Just make sure you’re not late for the party waiting for your trousers to charge!

Tom Maltby

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