“We lived on farms, then we lived in cities, and now we’re gonna live on the internet ”

The internet can be an awfully cold and lonely place. I know so many people who admit that their website doesn’t do much for their business and they aren’t really too fussed.

They are not alone, there are thousands of websites that have been left to become faded and dull, but if the owner doesn’t care why does that matter?

Valuing your digital space can be a tricky thing to do, especially if you are in a business that does ok anyway. So what’s the problem?

In short, Google. They have changed the way we search, shop and save. Instead of asking around for recommendations, we now turn to our favourite search engine to provide the answer. Google is the new high street, we can run up and down its entire length in seconds. We make snap judgements on how good a business is based on what their website looks like. It’s a harsh world.
On average you have less than 3 seconds to inspire someone to stay on your website.

Just like a shop window, your website has to do a lot of hard work to get people to walk through the door. As in real life, if your website looks run down and outdated people will judge your business. They will even go as far as assuming your business does not have a good offering, is untrustworthy and struggling.

As the new generations filter through into the workplace, their opinions are take more seriously and the effects to your business and reputation become more dramatic.

Your competition will also be monitoring your what you look like online, they will be actively looking to best you and take your clients. They will achieve this goal, if they can position themselves in a more proffesional, trustworthy light.

Now days, you need to have everything positive about what you do plastered to your window. But it also need to look amazing! Shouting in someones face as they walk past, is unlikely to get the desired result. But put together a fantastic window display and you’ll have people queing up to take a look.

We are becoming more and more focussed on internet purchasing, your site needs to be pitching on your behalf, it needs to telling your story and repesent your the quality of your business.

So dust off that old website, give it a good spruce up and load it full of the latest infomation about what you do. The prepare to welcome new customers through the door!

Harrison Williams

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