Has it been an age since you went on holiday? What is it holding you back? Are you really keen to visit exotic lands, but feel like it costs more than a deposit for a house?

Well friends, let me tell you about the best travel tool in the history of mankind! Its called Google Flights (www.google.co.uk/flights/). Dead simple, think of the place you have always wanted to go, could be anywhere. Visit Santa at the north pole, soak up the sun on Bondi beach or climb Mt Kilimanjaro – its up to you.

So to enjoy a Darwinian experience in the Galapagos Islands you may be expecting to have to sell one of your kidneys to even come close to getting there. Really though, a quick search with an online travel agent (Expedia or Last Minute) will provide some great quotes, but they are well north of £1,200. That kidney is starting to get a little nervous.

Step up to the plate Google Flights. Whack in the details, the gears turn and straight off the bat we are looking at flights for under £1,000. Winner! But it gets better, if you can be flexible about the dates, there are all time low prices. £669 if I was willing to move a couple of days… That’s about half the price of the standard online agents.

What’s more is you can pop up the little calendar, and it will show you the lowest price for each day. So you can see that a £1,000 trip on Saturday will cost you £700 on Tuesday. If your feeling super savvy you can even arrange one way flights or multi-city deals. All arranged by one handy search.

Its worth noting a couple of really special opportunities; London to New York one-way can be found for as little as £149!!! A round trip London to Edinburgh £29, London to Bangkok and back £355 – at 11,838 miles that’s 2p per mile!

So the next time wanderlust comes to slap you in the face, pop over to Google Flights and jet off into the sunset.

Harrison Williams


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