Always by your side, through sunshine and rain. On land, when you run, even on a plane. It is there, just for you. and it will always know what to do. Your personal saviour, whom you never let go… Yes, it’s your Smartphone.

No, I am not a talented poet. But, when was the last time you were more than an arm’s reach away from your smartphone?
Smartphones are changing the reality we live in. From Our health record to our memories and thoughts. Smartphones are in the business of saving time- by using only what’s right for us, at the exact moment we want it.
Though, there are consequences. Our smartphone is also responsible for destroying businesses. One at a time. It started with Hasbro, went on to the point and shoot camera market, and more recently; hotel chains and cab drivers. Can you predict who is next? I doubt that a year before the emergence of AirBnB; Marriot and Hilton Big Shots sat in their board meetings and discussed the possibility of an online short-term rentals app as their biggest competitor.
Smartphones bring with them the emergence of a force that has been manipulated, lied to, and taken advantage of for years. The human force that is, also known as ‘The Consumer’. Big corporations, or small startups- the consumer doesn’t care. We only give our time to those who bring us the most value.

“Everything is both constant and cyclical. One force dominates and then it is replaced by the opposing force” – YinYang Philosophy

As of today, businesses are not completely in the hands of the consumer. Not yet. In the nearby future, the only businesses to survive will be those, which built real relationships with their customers and delivered on their promises. Not on transactions.
‘How?’ you must be asking, and the answer is Social Media. Let me explain.

Enter: Casey Neistat (picture below). For those of you who don’t know; Casey Neistat is the founder of the Social Media app ‘Beme’. Though, Casey Neistat is best known for his vlog on YouTube, which increased his number of channel subscribers from 500,000 to 2.5 Million in less than a year. Making Casey the raining ‘YouTuber of the Year’. However, above all else- Casey Neistat is the best relationship builder on planet Earth. Using Social Media only.
By using his 10 minute daily vlog as the only marketing channel for the Beme launch a year and a half ago: Casey managed to get over 1 Million people to download Beme on their phone in less than two weeks! The app had a slogan which carried with it a heavy promise: ‘sharing life as it really is. No preview. No Review. You simply press your phone against your chest and it’s posted’. It promised a revolution; sharing a video of your experience as seen by you, while still experiencing every ounce of magic without looking through the smartphone. It promised to be the real meaning of Social Media…


The title of this post states ‘[…] The Best Marketer in the World is Simply Human’ and here comes the overwhelming truth. Even the greatest relationship builder in the world failed. Beme failed, because the product did not deliver on its promises. Even after Casey’s face was on every tech news, and entrepreneurship magazine for months… people simply stopped using Beme, and with time stopped downloading it. Beme failed, and the consumer force struck again. Beme crushed as fast as it became popular.
Until Casey Neistat decided to be honest, and admit: ‘Beme is cr*p’.
On May 2nd 2016, Casey posted a video; sharing his own truth about why Beme failed. He admitted that the creation he bet his personal and professional life on, the one he spent a year of his life promoting- was not good enough. Casey Neistat apologised in front of 1 Million people and promised that the new version of Beme is what we were all waiting for.
Now, a year and a half after its initial launch; Beme is going from beta phase to Beme 1.0, and once again Casey’s incredible relationship building skills manged to boost the Social Media app to the top of the downloads charts with incredible fashion.


It’s easy to lose perspective when discussing a million user platform, led by the best relationship marketer in the world. But, Beme is a business like any other; and its CEO recently went in front of 1 Million people and admitted that his original product was worthless. How many of you know of a company, which treats its consumers (its ‘life-source’) as people?
In the time period between Beme’s original launch, downfall, and its current 1.0 resurrection: Snapchat gained millions of users and exciting new features, Facebook Live enabled raw live broadcasting by anyone, Anchor started dominating the ‘radio’ social media stream, and took over almost every 12-16 year old in the US. Still, when Casey released his Beme 1.0 video to the world- we all became fans again.
At this moment in time, what Casey Neistat is doing to build relationships is one of a kind. ‘Beme’ is not a Tech Startup. Beme is Casey Neistat, and his partner Matt, and Jack the assistant. Beme is building real relationships by being human, and the only businesses to survive the next ‘uberisation’ wave will have to do the same.
What Casey realised and the majority of businesses fail to understand is that: It is not ‘Tech’ or smartphones that are changing the world, but the people who are using them. In a world where technology is progressively integrated into our lives, the only businesses to survive the next disruption- are those who can be human. Based not on functionality, but on honesty and relationships.

By Liron Shalit.
Instagram: lsh.20

LinkedIn: Liron Shalit

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