Driverless cars. Electric cars. Words never to be used in the company of car collectors or die hard petrolheads. “What about us!? We don’t want to be put out to graze like the horses when the first Model Ts turned up.” Personally I do not think this is the solution. Cars carrying around weighty batteries which need to be plugged into the mains does not make sense to me. Imagine the streets of Mayfair or Monaco with extension cables strewn across the pavements or Casino Square. However, at some point, we will all have to accept that this is how it is and move on.

As a big petrolhead and collector of cars, the first thing I would do with a million is invest in an answer to this dilemma: how can I make my classic cars work using today’s tech without them losing their character?

To make my money go the distance, I would headhunt an engineer who has already developed an electric retrofitting solution. For the love of classic style (and to rack up some mileage with my million) I would do well to support my scientist in selling their solution to all the other suckers like me who spend far too much money on classic cars.
I’m planning for the future. One day my daughter will want to appoint me – the most important man in her world – as her personal taxi driver. Might as well do it in style, just don’t tell her mum! That is, of course, if automated cars haven’t driven us out of the picture.

A few people have already shot for my dream. Indeed, there is the chap in California who has converted his VW Beetle. That’s all great, but how about hiding all that technology in something a little more exciting. As much as he has improved the original bug, let’s get interesting and convert Lotus or Ferrari classics into something that can hold their own today.

Why someone has taken a £100k Tesla, stripped it down, and piled all that tech into an old car, I have no idea. However, I’m sure it won’t be long before Aston Martin Heritage can be found saying to their customers, “Sir, Madam, would you like your DB5 restored? How about an electric motor? And perhaps we could even replace that dusty old 8-track player with a voice command high definition audio system?” Whether my fellow petrolheads will want to drive around in the equivalent of KITT from Night Rider is another thing!

David Murray-Hundley

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